A local support during the property renovation

Worksite Management

In the event of renovations or improvements of the property, MEL verifies all the strategic and operational actions that bring the project to completion in compliance with the deadlines and the budget, reporting directly to the client or to the client’s architect.

Strongly autonomous, MEL interfaces with the rest of the team, on behalf of the customer, in order to anticipate critical issues and needs, to bring them back to the client and identify sustainable solutions together with the work team.

According to the client’s instructions, MEL is able to request and collect the various offers from suppliers, analyse the contents and proceed with the order.

MEL obtains excellent organisation and planning skills and a high propensity for problem solving, excellent communication and negotiation skills so as to be skilled in managing the various resources involved on a daily basis.

Services include:

  • Supervision of the works
  • Supervision and coordination of suppliers
  • Daily reporting on the progress of activities and site status